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E-commerce has evolved. E-commerce returns have not. The growth of online commerce continues at a rapid pace. The online shopping experience gets better every day. One area has lagged behind — returns. All online returns today are some version of “put it in the mail”. Until now.

A better way to return.

Online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to return in person.

When given the choice, shoppers prefer to return online purchases in person to avoid the hassle and wait of returns by mail.

Happy Returns™ eliminates the pain of returns by mail.

We are a technology, logistics and service company that offers in-person returns for online shoppers. We are building a network of Return Bars™, where shoppers can return in-person and get an immediate refund.

We make returns

Online shoppers get an in-person return solution. The Happy Returns process is easy, convenient, and offers immediate refunds.

Online Retailers

Retailers sell more by improving customer experience and save money by aggregating returns and reducing customer service calls.

Malls & Stores

Malls and stores that host Return Bars gain highly-qualified foot traffic — shoppers with refunds to spend on incremental purchases.

The Founders Happy Returns’ co-founders have deep experience in online retail and built the successful in-store return program for HauteLook shoppers to return to Nordstrom Rack.

David Sobie

David was the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at HauteLook from 2009-2013. After HauteLook, David served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Revolve Clothing and JustFab.

Mark Geller

Mark was the Head of Mobile at HauteLook from 2010-2015. Mark created and managed HauteLook’s Return to Rack program. Before HauteLook, Mark worked in product at Google and United Online.

Returns — specifically in-person returns — are the next emerging battle ground for growth,
competition and differentiation in e-commerce. Learn more by clicking on the links below:

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Not-So-Happy Returns for Retailers

The Most Important Way to Improve
Customer Experience

Let’s talk returns.

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