Make returns beautiful - for shoppers, retailers, partners, and the planet.

Happy Returns provides comprehensive return solutions for the world’s leading online and omni-channel retailers and their customers. With Happy Returns’ Full Stack Returns, retailers offer customers a best-in-class branded online return and exchange flow as well as the maximum flexibility for returning purchases. Shoppers enjoy multiple ways to return: in-person via Happy Returns’ nationwide network of 350+ Return Bar locations, through the retailers’ own stores, or by carrier. Happy Returns provides aggregated shipping and logistics across all channels with optimized disposition to destinations of the retailers’ choice; all with comprehensive reporting and analytics. The result is a world class experience for customers (NPS® of 95) with maximum value for retailers.

What We Value

Solving Real Problems for Real People

We’re not curing cancer, but we are addressing a real pain point that affects millions of people every day. Our purpose is to take what previously has been painful and make it into something efficient and effective, even delightful, for everyone involved.

Holding Ourselves to High Standards

Our goal is not to deliver services that are merely better than the status quo or even than our competitors’—it is to deliver services that are truly excellent in an absolute sense. We do this by having high standards and expecting excellence in all aspects of our performance as a team and as individuals.

Being Obsessively Empathetic

We constantly ask ourselves, “what experience is this customer or partner is having today, how will it be better and/or worse using our solution, and what changes do we need to make to ensure it will be truly excellent?” The same goes for our interactions with our own team members. We’re as thoughtful as we can reasonably be while running a rapidly scaling business.

Embracing Diversity

Diverse teams win. Valuing and fostering diversity—i.e., recruiting team members with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, creating an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for everyone and listening to our teammates’ informed opinions—makes our company stronger and helps us all learn and grow together.

Spending Efficiently

We try hard not to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. We are thoughtful about how we spend our resources to ensure we can deliver the best possible level of service with our limited time and money.

Emphasizing Reality Over Hype

We don’t obsess about what our competitors are doing or what the media might be saying about it. We obsess about the products we’re actually building and ensuring we’re selling them more effectively than anyone else. Because at the end of the day, we know the company that delivers the most value for customers and partners will be the one that wins.

Finding Something to Own and Innovate

Every team member can and should be the “CEO” of something. We hire talented team members and collaborate with them to identify areas of the business they can take ownership of, proactively identifying problems and opportunities and innovating solutions in all areas of the business.

Staying Humble

We appreciate when our services work well for customers and our company performs at a high level—but we also recognize we have a long way to go to achieve the level of success and impact we’re aiming for. Our software has bugs, we can always improve our service and operations, and we all make mistakes every day. We’re fundamentally humble and we strive to stay that way no matter how much success we may be fortunate enough to achieve.

Thinking Big While Acting Small

To have a big impact, we need to think big about the services we’re building, the customers we can serve, and the impact we can have on the planet. Our success will be born from translating those big ideas into the small details that make the difference between excellence and mediocrity in every aspect of our business.

Looking for Benefits?

We got you covered.

  • — Healthcare
  • — Dental + Vision
  • — 401k
  • — Flexible PTO

Fun Perks?

We got that too.

  • — Endless Snacks
  • — Lunch Fridays
  • — HQ is 1mi. from beach
  • — Dog friendly HQ

Happy Returns is growing. Grow with us.

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