Full Stack Returns

We provide a comprehensive return solution for retailers that includes integrated software, services and logistics called Full Stack Returns.


Online Return & Exchange Service
Fully-branded online flow with one-click exchanges.


Return to Return Bar

In-person returns at a nationwide network of stores, malls and offices where refunds are initiated immediately.

Return to Your Store via Mobile App

Process returns away from the cash wrap with online inventory available for one-click exchanges.

Return to Your Store via Self-Service Return Kiosk

Enable customers to skip checkout lines and complete their returns quickly and easily on their own.

Return by Mail

Ship customer returns directly to one of our regional Return Hubs for processing and disposition.


Aggregation & Disposition

Inspection, disposition, processing and bulk shipment to your preferred location.

Reporting & Analytics

All returns data in one place with a real-time dashboard.

Ready to Partner?

Implement all the components of the return stack for a fully optimized solution,
or select just the services that best complement your system.


How It Works at the Return Hub


Upon receiving the items at our regional Return Hub, we can re-inspect, fold, bag, and label, or just ship directly back to your DC.


Retailers have multiple disposition options: restocking, liquidation, store replenishment, recycling or donation.


Returns are aggregated and shipped in bulk to the retailer’s preferred destination.

Brands & Retailers Love Full Stack Returns

Prior to Happy Returns, returns were painful and expensive for our company. We are thrilled to consolidate returns software and services with one trusted partner, and our customers appreciate the ease and consistency of their experience, no matter how they choose to return.
— Travis Heard, Chief Financial Officer at Outerknown
The number one reason customers contact us—whether by phone, email or chat—is to inquire about the state of their refund. If we can chip away at that by making sure more customers are getting their refunds sooner, it’s better for our customers and less burdensome on us.
— Mariah Chase, Chief Executive Officer at Eloquii

We Work with Dozens of Brands and Retailers, Including:


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