Rothy’s boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty with easy returns.


Evolving from digital to omni-channel, Rothy’s partners with Happy Returns to make returns and exchanges simple and easy for their customers yielding a 95 net promoter score.

Rothy’s started in 2016 as a digitally native direct-to-consumer brand selling shoes made from recycled water bottles. Their innovative approach to stylish and sustainable shoes made them wildly successfully with 1,000 percent growth year over year as they prepared to open their first store in 2018—a year many described as, “The Retail Apocalypse”. While other omni-channel retailers were closing stores, Rothy’s shifted from a digitally-native, online-only retailer to an omni-channel brand.

The first Rothy’s store opening in San Francisco was designed for shoppers to try on shoes before buying, but also to better understand and connect to their avid customer base. Once the store was open, Rothy’s quickly observed an influx of foot traffic from customers coming to the store to return and exchange their online purchases. 

The only problem with this type of foot traffic was that Rothy’s was unable to look up e-commerce orders and easily process online inventory in their store—making the process of buy-online-return-to store (BORIS) a challenging experience for store associates and a slow experience for the customer.

To solve this problem, Rothy’s partnered with Happy Returns. Happy Returns powered returns to store through a simple, easy to use iPad interface for store associates. The store associate authenticates the customer via email address and billing zip code, inspects the condition of the shoe being returned, and asks the customer return reason and refund type. In less than 60 seconds, the return is complete, and the customer receives an email confirming that the refund was initiated.

The seamless and easy experience at the San Francisco location prompted Rothy’s to replicate the experience for more customers. However, it would take time to open more Rothy’s locations. This is when Rothy’s tapped into the Happy Returns’ Return Bar Network to enable customers in over 50 metros at 400+ locations to return in-person.

The success of the Return Bar network is seen in the positive comments from customers, resulting in a best-in-class Net Promoter Score of 95. By partnering with Happy Returns, Rothy’s was able to convert more browsers into customers by giving them the confidence to shop and easily return in case the shoe didn’t fit.  


Enabling in-person returns has allowed Rothy’s to:


Convert browsers
to buyers.


customer confidence.


customer loyalty.


Rothy’s customers loved the ability to return in person. Heather Howard, VP of Operations and People, explained that Rothy’s,“want[s] to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the perfect fit and by partnering with Happy Returns, we are making that easy. Once the customer finds the perfect fit, they will buy again and again.” 

In addition to offering an in-person return experience, Rothy’s needed to make finding the right size easier for their customers, which is why they chose to also utilize the Happy Return’s software layer: Online Return and Exchange Service. By enabling this software layer, customers could choose a different color or size in the same style—an offering not possible prior to Happy Returns. The exchange rate quickly grew to greater than 30% in less than three months. This enabled Rothy’s to capture additional revenue as new customers discovered the right size for them.

The partnership between Happy Returns and Rothy’s continues to evolve as both companies grow. Howard explains, “Happy Returns feels like an extension of Rothy’s quite frankly. It doesn’t feel like we are working with another company. It feels like we are working as a team.”

Through teamwork and laser-focus on creating an outstanding customer experience, companies are able to convert the browser into a loyal customer by giving them the confidence to shop again and again. 


The Value of Making Returns Easier for Customers

This has changed their lives—no more waiting in line or printing out a label which in the old world was an easy thing to do, but once you have this new process, it seems so archaic.
— Heather Howard, VP of Operations and People, at Rothy’s

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